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Optimizing Healthcare Leadership

Co-Authored by Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer & Hanco Minnaar There is a general perception that superior managerial skills are lacking in the global healthcare industry because the response to the pandemic lacked urgency in placing appropriate reactive responses in place. This is further exacerbated due to slow international progress in developingContinue Reading

Pandora’s box in the workplace

Hope is often regarded as a “soft” quality reserved for religious gatherings and psychologists rather than having a place in the cut and thrust of a tough business environment. But the Covid pandemic has so fundamentally changed our world that “hope” has become an essential quality that leaders must bringContinue Reading

Working from home: a double-edged sword?

Few dispute the massive impact that Covid-19 has had on every aspect of our lives, including our work. Thousands of employees have switched to working from home, rather than spread the virus through shared workspaces in office buildings. Whether this work-from-home trend will continue, and what its long-term impact onContinue Reading

The Relationship between the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Leadership

What does this mean for executive leadership capabilities?  One of the most profound challenges facing organisations today is that realities are constantly changing.  Having to deal with disruptive challenges and global external pressures are daily realities and would therefore imply profound leadership versus being despotic. The ability to develop newContinue Reading

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